2018-2019 Journal is now online!

The 2018-2019 journal is now online! With delicate prose, stories of all sorts of relationships, and a few tales that may surprise you, this issue has something for all. From our whole team, we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

2018-2019 Journal


MEET THE TEAM 2018/2019


Nikta Sadati: Nikta is a fourth year English major, minoring in French and Education. The Goose has been as integral to her undergrad experience as any of her studies and while saying goodbye will be hard, she will always hold a part of the Goose in her heart! Diving deep into the written word is her passion and plays a part in all of her other passions so, essentially, this is her dream role.

Isobel Carnegie: Isobel is a third year English specialist with a minor in Sexual Diversity Studies. She writes poetry and short fiction, mostly on the subway. In her third year with Goose, she now drinks coffee, will tell you about her dog, and can’t stop won’t stop telling everyone about Goose Fiction.

Associate Editors:

Amanda Gosio: Amanda is a fourth year English Specialist at the University of Toronto. You can find her either giving tours around campus, binging old seasons of Survivor, or maybe even singing in a production or two! She can’t wait to start her “real life” after undergrad — she’s heard it’s a pretty big world out there or something like that — and intends to go on to complete her Masters in English in pursuit of becoming a full-time writer and editor!

Hadiyyah Kuma: Geese are waterfowl of the family Anatidae. Hadiyyahs are humans of the family Goose. Though different creatures, the human Goose team can be compared to a flock of geese. In this essay I will — Kidding! Hadiyyah Kuma is a 19-year-old Sociology major but is a reader, writer and cringy humorist above all things. She writes short fiction, novels with half-endings, creative non-fiction about her motherland Guyana, and poems that deserve more editing. 

Amanda Voore-Lewis: Amanda is a second year student studying art history and history. They are passionate about many things but above all else writing, and is usually more invested in the lives of their characters than in their own. When, on the odd occasion, Amanda is present in reality, it is usually while horseback riding, feeding baby squirrels at the Toronto Wildlife Centre, or attending to the residents of their houseplant village of Vegetationville.

Chris Loose: Chris Loose is a fourth year English student at the University of Toronto. Don’t let him talk to your kids.

Charlotte Chellew: Charlotte is a first year student studying Book and Media Studies, English, and Film. As she types that out it sounds incredibly unemployable, but she’ll still vehemently defend the humanities against her extended family over Thanksgiving dinner. She hopes to become a Fiction editor one day and sell her soul to Penguin, but a more immediate goal is to catch a glimpse of Margaret Atwood walking her dog in the Annex

Emily Hurmizi: Emily is a first year Philosophy and Literature & Critical Theory student who exemplifies all the romantic and aesthetic characteristics that a good Libra should (and who apparently has the universe on her side). She enjoys lying awake at night, thinking about Kant’s theory of pure beauty, and going to art museums, thinking about Kant’s theory of pure beauty, and sitting in class, thinking about Kant’s theory of pure beauty. Her dreams include Kant’s theory of pure beauty.


Sayaka Daly (Head Illustrator): Sayaka Daly is a first year student studying Linguistics and Book & Media Studies. She spends sunny days exploring the city and rainy days making zines about anything and everything. Her dream is to one day be a contestant on Jeopardy!

Liam P. Bryant: Liam is a second year studying art history who has a passion for all things fried but makes time to illustrate for journals. This is his first year as an illustrator with the Goose. He enjoys the color yellow, long walks on the beach, and midnight trips to Wendy’s.

Lauren Laisying: Lauren Turner is a third-year Victoria College student studying diaspora and transnational studies, anthropology, and English. She enjoys working in many different artistic media, both visual and written, and is a strong proponent of the Oxford comma. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to moody indie and cheesy 80s synth ballads, and is still waiting for that critical moment where you magically realise your life’s trajectory.



MEET THE TEAM 2017/2018

Tristian Lee-Hyman: Tristian is a fourth year student studying literature and critical theory.

Nikta Sadati: Nikta is a third year English, French, and Education student who, you guessed it, loves to read. She hopes to one day become an English professor who will bring light to the vital importance of editing to classrooms all around the world (or probably just the GTA)! Sometimes she doesn’t have time to edit her own essays, but she is here to be co-editor-in-chief for all of your goose needs!

Ben Berman Ghan: Ben is a 4th year English Major with minors in philosophy, and writing & rhetoric. his work as a writer and editor is scattered all over the place like confetti, and he is thrilled to be a part of the goose this year. Since he is chrono-synclastic infundibulum, you can find him out in the snow with a book, or on the nicer moons of Saturn.

Vivian Li: Vivian enjoys exploring ideas and tries to find creative solutions to interesting problems. When she’s not catching up with readings and schoolwork, she can be found reading, writing, playing the piano, composing, immersing herself in nature, and attempting to play the guitar.  She can be reached @eliktherain.

Julia Balm: Julia is a student of History and Art History who likes to imagine her life is a Russian novel written by Nikolai Gogol. She uses old Soviet cameras to photograph everything from urban grit to nature’s appeal; these cameras have beautiful minds of their own that is often hard to govern… like Julia.

Amanda Gosio: Amanda is a 3rd year English Specialist who couldn’t figure out a good enough minor in time to actually try to get one. Her life goals include meeting every significant Canadian author, writing a book with her mom, and resisting moving back to Toronto’s suburbs for as long as possible. Apart from many writing and reading endeavours, she has also been a member of a number of on-campus shows and loves to sing!

Arin Klein: Arin is a third-year student studying English and Book & Media Studies. When she is not reading, writing, and editing in pursuit of her passion for words, she can be found on the stage acting, singing, and sometimes playing music in pursuit of her passion for theatre. Her favourite Microsoft Word feature is the justify alignment.

Amanda Voore-Lewis: Amanda is a first year Vic student studying history, anthropology, art history, and how to get through life without having any semblance of a plan. Amanda hopes to just sort of stumble into writing the next Great Canadian Novel. They love animals more than people and writing more than anything.

Isaac Khouzam: Isaac is a fourth year student studying History, Astronomy & Astrophysics, and Urban Studies. He knows that’s a weird combination. In his free time he loves to draw, play piano, read, and make pancakes for commuter students. After graduating, Isaac plans to retire so as to spend more time with his dog.

Hadiyyah Kuma: Hadiyyah is a first year student with big dreams of becoming a fiction writer. She loves words and music, and a combination of the two. There is nothing she is obsessed with as deeply as Call Me By Your Name, in fact, she’s probably scrolling Timothee Chalamet’s instagram right now.

Jiesi Liu: Jiesi is a first year from Horseheads, New York, specializing in Computer Science and minoring in English.  She spends most of her time overanalyzing and ruining all forms of media, especially the ones that she loves. She also uses “y’all” unironically.

Isobel Rose Carnegie: Isobel is an English specialist with a minor in Sexual Diversity Studies, and can usually be found reading a book that is regretfully not for class. In second year, she is slowly becoming a coffee drinker and resembling her mother in the late 80’s more and more by the day, but not as cool. Here for the grammar rules made to be broken, she has loved every minute of her past two years of working with Goose and its staff and writers.






Call for Submissions!

The Goose, U of T’s finest short story journal, is now accepting submissions for our 2017/2018 issue! Submissions are open until FEBRUARY 5th at 11:59 PM!

Submissions should be size 12, times new roman, double-spaced and in a document format, with the name of the author nowhere on the document itself. It should be no more that 4000 words.

All submissions should be sent to goosefiction@gmail.com.

Time to get writing, goslings!


Genevieve Smith: While silently plotting to overthrow the systematic decimation of print culture, Genevieve spends her daylight hours masquerading as a highly erratic 4th year Writing & Rhetoric student. Anxiously anticipating all that follows UofTears, she aspires to create a collective that provides the space and means necessary for emerging artists to stake their claim in this world. Please note; her coffee takes cream, not milk, yet there’s no use crying over either, once spilt.

Carl Christian Abrahamsen: Carl prefers Raymond Carver to Ernest Hemingway and trains to cars. Though he spends most his time chief-editing the Goose, he has be known to moonlight as a bewildered philosophy student, an overly earnest poet, and a lost European tourist.

Isobel Carnegie: Born and raised in Toronto, Isobel is a first year English major. Short stories are easier to write and edit, so she sticks with those a lot of the time. Her interests include, writing, spoken word poetry, photography, dogs, architecture and libraries.

Daria Petrovic: Daria is a fourth year Vic student studying English, Cinema Studies and Book & Media Studies. When she’s not working on the Goose, she is still laughing about the fact that she defended the Twilight series in her interview for this position. After graduating, she hopes to continue exploring her love for writing and stories (vampire related or otherwise) as a high school teacher.

Alisa Severina: Alisa Severina is a pithy young woman who loves a good story, writes what she knows, and knows she knows nothing. She often quotes Mark Twain, Nietzsche, and her Soviet aunts. As Aunt Mila puts it: “You have bread, you have family: what else do you need?”

Alisa Severina respectfully adds: “Stories.”

Tristian Lee-Hyman: Tristian’s quotidian routine is a cobbling together of pedantic reverie and sedentary lolling. You can find him reading a book while pretending that he likes coffee.

Nikta Sadati: Nikta is a second year English student who spends the majority of her time reading and writing. Fitting the English major stereotype, her favourite novel is The Catcher in the Rye and she loves reading abstract literature as well as coming-of-age stories! She hopes to become an English professor and cannot wait to read, edit, and put together an eclectic collection of short stories for the Goose!

Victoria Alvarez: Victoria is a fourth year English major, minoring in Writing & Rhetoric and Book & Media Studies. When she’s not crying over Rilke or obsessing over Junot Díaz, she can be found fussing over words and all their nagging particularities. She loves a good short story because it’s reflective of her own outlook on life: less is always more… more or less.

Elena Djordjic: Elena is an editor at the Goose and an English major in her fourth year. She can’t wait to read your stories and help you sort out those commas and plot holes!

Giselle Miriam: Giselle is a fourth year History and English student from Toronto. She is intrigued by editing, publishing, and graduating! Giselle enjoys organizing her folder of incomplete drafts and reading work she has not written. She strongly recommends brilliant short fiction author Laura Trunkey.

Shuiyao Wang: Shuiyao graduated from UofT with a double major in Visual Arts and Cinema Studies, and is currently completing her Masters in Information in User Experience Design. She’s passionate about visual storytelling and hopes to use her visual design skills to create an enjoyable and appealing reading experience.

Victoria Butler: Victoria is a 20 year old, certified Mom friend. She hails from Barrie, Ontario, and is the editor-in-chief of The Northern Appeal, a literary journal central to her hometown and surrounding areas. When she’s not daydreaming about dropping out of university to pursue a life of growing her own food and dancing barefoot to Joni Mitchell in a forest somewhere, she can be found trying to find a unique way to photograph a sunset, crying on the subway because she saw a cat and couldn’t adopt it, or attempting to break to world record for longest run on sentence.

Miranda Cullen: Miranda spends her time curating fabulous Looks and amassing a respectable number of disastrous tinder dates. Her life philosophy, ‘fake it ‘till you make it’, has aided her in acquiring her most recent jobs as an archaeologist and a hairdresser, both of which she has zero qualifications for. Though her hair, nails, and enjoyment of customer service are fake, her love of stories and the community of young writers at U of T is, ~the realest~.

Call for Submissions

The Goose, U of T’s finest short story journal, is now accepting submissions for our 2017/2018 issue! Submissions are open until FEBRUARY 5th at 11:59 PM!

Submissions should be size 12, times new roman, double-spaced and in a document format, with the name of the author nowhere on the document itself. It should be no more that 4000 words.

All submissions should be sent to goosefiction@gmail.com.

Time to get writing, goslings!


The Goose General Meeting

Welcome back to another exciting year of The Goose, University of Toronto’s finest and only short story journal! We will be holding a general meeting on September 21st. Whether you are interested in contributing, editing or just lonely and looking for someone to talk to, come down to the Wymilwood Lounge at 6:30 and hear about what we are planning for this year and how to apply for the different positions of the Goose. You’ll also be able to grab a free copy of last year’s journal!


Goose Elections

Are you a Victoria College student interested in joining the Goose‘s executive board for the 2016-2017 year? Well then you’re in luck! The following positions are now available:

President/ Editor-in-Chief (1)

Vice-President/ Editor-in-Chief (1)

Creative Directors (1-2)

Marketing and Communications Directors (1-2)

Treasurer (1)

Secretary (1)

In order to run for any of the above positions, please write a 150- word candidate statement and send it to goosefiction@gmail.com by April 7th.

Elections will take place April 11th (2pm-4pm) in the Regents Room at the Goldring Student Centre at Victoria College.